Motorcycle Maintenance – A Easy Guide which you can follow at home.

Motorcycle Maintenance: The craze for Motorcycles remains unabated despite the growing popularity of cars these days. There are many reasons for it. Among other things, a motorcycle offers speed and convenience. And more importantly, it comes across at a much cheaper price than a four-wheeler. With that said, it is also important to make sure that you keep track of the condition of your motorcycle from time to time. This is one of the best practices of owning a Motorcycle and it pays dividends in the long run. While proper Motorcycle Maintenance is the key to promote the longevity of a vehicle, there are also ways in which it helps you keep your two-wheeler up and running.

Wondering why you should invest your time and money in Motorcycle Maintenance and what you should include in your Motorcycle Maintenance Checklist? Read on to know more about it.

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Why Motorcycle Maintenance is Important?

Each season brings new challenges and complications for vehicles. A motorcycle is not an exception to this rule. Maintenance is all about monitoring the condition of your motorcycle from time to time. By keeping an eye out on our motorcycle in a timely manner, you can boost its performance and lower the expenses on its repairs.

Apart from saving money, you can also make it a lot safer for yourself to ride your Motorcycle on roads by following a proper schedule for its routine check-up. Thus, for the sake of your own safety and convenience, it is imperative that you prepare a Motorcycle Maintenance Checklist in advance and act in accordance with it to keep your Motorcycle up and running.

Do the above reasons sound good enough for you to start paying attention to the maintenance of your Motorcycle? If yes, then follow the Motorcycle Maintenance Tips for beginners listed below.

The 10 Best Tips for Motorcycle Maintenance

1. Keep your Motorcycle Clean

What do you do to keep your body clean? You take a shower daily. Similarly, it is also important to keep your Motorcycle clean on a daily basis. This is your best bet to keep your Motorcycle in a mint condition. Before proceeding with your idea to clean your two-wheeler, make certain that you have covered the silencer, H.T. coil, and the ignition switch unit properly. It is a good idea to utilize plastic sheets to cover these components.

Clean your Motorcycle using a MicroFibre cloth. Because it is available at a cheaper price in the market, it will save you a lot of money. Consider buying at least a dozen units of these fiber clothes so you can have them handy for regular cleaning.

Never leave your Motorcycle in the sun. Direct exposure to sunlight can damage the shiny appearance of your vehicle and make it look dull.

2. Check Tires Pressure and Condition

Do you check the condition of the tires of your Motorcycle regularly? If not, you should develop the habit of taking a look at the condition of both your Motorcycle and the air pressure of its tires. For best results, follow the recommendations of your Motorcycle manufacturer.

Beware of possible scrapes and cuts! These undesirable elements can cause the tires of your motorcycle to blow up at any point in time. Check your tire treads at least once every seven days. Also, verify the alignment and wheel balance.

3. Clean the Air Filter Thoroughly

Depending on the weather conditions in an area, a Motorcycle can either get clogged up in a matter of a few days or months. No matter how good the weather condition of your place is, the wise thing to do is to clean the air filter of your Motorcycle in a timely manner. Those who use their Motorcycle in dusty conditions should elevate the cleaning frequency without fail.

Refer to the manual and change the air filter of your motorcycle by following the instructions given in it. Keep the air filter clean at recommended intervals to be on the safe side.

4. Change Engine oil at Regular Intervals

Have you ever wondered why your Motorcycle runs smoothly in the beginning but slows down gradually with the passage of time? This can be attributed to the engine oil. If you wish to continue the smooth operation of your two-wheeler, it is imperative that you check the level of engine oil. Make point of maintaining the correct level of engine oil to get your desired Motorcycle riding experience.

As you use the Motorcycle more frequently, carbon deposits start building up in the oil filter. This thickens up the engine oil and creates drag in the internal components of the engine. An oil change becomes the need of the hour at the subsequent stages. By changing the oil of the engine and the oil filter in the bike, you will not only save money on fuel but will also be able to maximize the lifespan of your vehicle.

5. Keep the Drive Chain and Sprocket Clean and Lubricated

One of the preconditions for preventing your motorcycle’s chain from breaking down is to not only clean it but also lubricate it daily. You will need three things to accomplish the task: paraffin, a soft brush and a piece of dirt-free cloth. The idea should be to keep dust and dirt from accumulating in the chain. After cleaning the chain with paraffin, wipe it with a dry and clean cloth.

Some Motorcycle owners turn to water instead of using paraffin to clean their vehicle. This is a wrong practice which can prove to be detrimental to your vehicle at the subsequent stages. Experts prohibit the use of water as a liquid for cleaning the chain because it causes the chain to corrode at the subsequent stages.

As far as the chain is concerned, make sure it has the right adjustment. Without right adjustment and free play, your Motorcycle will not be able to achieve the optimal level of power delivery. Replace sprockets if you have already covered a distance of about 40,000 kilometers with your Motorcycle.

6. Inspect Brakes before Riding

An issue with the brakes of your Motorcycle can lead to a severe accident on road. Keeping this in mind, it is important to maintain proper space between the brakes. It should neither be too tight nor too loose. If you are not sure how tight or loose your brakes should be, ask yourself about the manner in which you intend to ride your Motorcycle.

If you are someone who prefers to ride the Motorcycle at top speed, loose brakes will not allow you to stop the movement of your Motorcycle at once. However, this does not mean that you should tighten the brakes in such a way that it affects the spacing between them and the wheels. Do you hear a screeching sound when your Motorcycle is on the move? It could be due to faulty brake pads. Replace the brack pads during motorcycle maintenance before going out the next time.

7. Check the Spark Plug

Spark plugs literally control the movement of your motorcycle by producing electric sparks. These electric sparks produce energy by igniting the fuel-air mixture. Be careful while dealing with the spark plugs of your motorcycle as they come with a shorter lifespan and have a tendency to get damaged quickly. In case you have already exhausted the lifespan of the spark plug think about replacing it as such a unit is vulnerable to malfunctioning.

Engine misfiring, starting trouble, maximum fuel consumption with minimum output and lack of speed are some of the downsides of using your Motorcycle in conjunction with faulty and obsolete spark plugs. Also, do not forget to look out for vibrations and uneven idling as these also pertain to an issue with one or all the spark plugs of your vehicle.

8. Always Keep the Battery Charged

What happens when your smartphone runs out of charge? It ceases to function anymore. The same applies to a Motorcycle as well. This highlights the importance of charging your battery in time. As far as possible, try to have your battery charged so it doesn’t run out of charge completely.

In order to accomplish this task in the right way, you need to keep a clear head about two things: the type of battery used in your Motorcycle and the type of charger you need to charge it. Refer to the manual. Better yet, consult a technician from one of the service centers of your Motorcycle manufacturer for the right information or suggestions.

9. Ensure all the Lights Work Properly

As a Motorcycle owner or rider, you are legally obliged to install front and rear lights on your vehicle. It is also the sure-fire way to avoid the possibility of meeting with an accident in low light conditions or at night. While the front light is important for the visibility of a rider, the rear light is important for the other Vehicles to spot you in darkness. This is one of the reasons why the rear lights are covered in red and orange covers.

Ideally, you should ascertain the fact that the lights on both sides of your Motorcycle are working properly before hitting a road. The inclusion of this tip in your Motorcycle Maintenance and putting it into practice will not only save your life but also the lives of other commuters in the street.

10. Avoid Running into Potholes

Potholes are a menace to Motorcyclists. Not only do they result in a sudden shock to a person who rides a Motorcycle, but they can also prove to be damaging to the rims. While it can be next to impossible to bypass them all the time, you can take some viable steps on your end to contain the dangers posed by potholes.

Keep your tires well pumped up and use a bright front light. If you wish to avoid pesky potholes, avoid riding your motorcycle at top speed so you can slow it down as and when you see on the road. Do not forget to keep your head up and avoid giving in to the demands of irate drivers. Stand your ground and choose the commonest line on the road.

Final thoughts on Motorcycle Maintenance

The prospect of owning a Motorcycle doesn’t end with its purchase; there is more to it. Motorcycle Maintaining it is equally important to prevent it from breaking down before its scheduled lifespan. Make a point of putting the above-mentioned points of Motorcycle Maintenance Checklist into practice, and you will never get into any kind of trouble while going outdoors on your Motorcycle.

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