10 Best Trucking Mattresses for a Better Sleep

To lead a healthy wealthy life, one needs to go for healthy and wealthy sleep. To have a good sleep one must have a nice place to sleep on. Today here we are to review and give you information on the 10 best trucking mattresses with a perfect description and their pros and cons. These are some of the best Trucking Mattress for trucks that provide you with a sound sleep after the day’s hardship.

Types of Trucking Mattress:

  1. Memory Foam – Memory foam is made up of polyurethane and chemicals which increase its viscosity and density. This mattress is usually denser and supportive of any heavy material. Very soft and comfortable for the body.
  2. Innerspring – This is the most common mattress and one of the oldest. It has improved itself over the year and is named as one of the most comfortable mattresses.
  3. Hybrid – This is made up of both technology and design which makes it looks beautiful as well as makes it comfortable. One of the most comfortable truck mattresses and also in high demand.
  4. Latex – In the past few years, this mattress has gone through a revolution and has given comfort to its user. This type of truck mattress has also had some amazing reviews.

Key Features to look for while buying Trucking Mattress:

  • Truck mattress must have springs and coils which will provide back support and help you relax.
  • The padding of the mattress must provide comfort and support.
  • Mattress must have middle padding. This feature is very important for a mattress.
  • The truck mattress must have foam in it. This makes the user feel really comfortable and gives a cloud-like feeling.
  • The mattress foundation must be good. This stands as a very important feature for any mattress.
  • Mattress must have insulation mattress padding.
  • The mattress must have tickling and quilting.

These are the few important features or criteria that any mattress must-have. These are considered to be basic features for a good and comfortable mattress. This helps anyone to have a comfortable sleep.

Benefits of Buying Trucking Mattress:

  • After the day’s hardship, a comfortable truck mattress helps you to have a sound sleep.
  • A truck mattress will make you feel at home.
  • A truck mattress supports each part of your body and helps you relax.
  • Prevents pain.
  • A good truck mattress stops tossing and turning.
  • It will also reduce your stress and make you feel better for the next day.
  • A good truck mattress will reduce allergic symptoms.
Best Trucking Mattresses of 2020

Top 10 Trucking Mattress that will give you Baby-like Sleep

1. Mobile Inner space Mattress:

The mobile Inner space mattress made in the US is a 100% polyester material. This Trucking Mattress is composed of 5.5- inch high density made up of polyurethane foam which also comes with 30 days sleep guarantee. The customer review or ratings for the stretch, value for money, and comfort are 4.8, 4.1, and 4.0 respectively. This mattress is redesigned to provide the cab drivers with the feel of the home. Each of the Mattress are made with immense care and comes in a wide variety of sizes and thicknesses. This mattress is also available in different colors as well.


Very simple to adjust as it is packed efficiently in a box.

This mattress has breathable covers with 4″ total thickness.

Comes with 10 years of warranty.

Size is not appropriate for adults. Small size for a Volvo.

The mattress is said to be very soft that people sink in.

Thin also. After a few uses, the structure is destroyed.

2. BIG DAWG Trucking Mattress™:

The DOT-approved Big Dawg Trucking Mattress has a 9″ total profile with a two-sided flip. Both the sides are soft and the firmness to the mattress is excellent. This mattress is also topped with plush and has a 2″ quilted form cover over it. This also gives an extra layer of comfort and provides a soft feel to the user. The mattress comes in different sizes and the options are plenty from which you can avail it. It has also got a gel infused in it. The 5″ of sure high support adds an extra level of support to the mattress. This has got a heather grey knit with an orange cover. 

The price range is $539.10 and the product is always on discount. The after services of this product is really good and the shipping is also free. Type shipping is done very carefully and with full protection. It’s a must buy a product with the addition of so many sizes. Also, the price is not that high and is a pocket-friendly product.

Provides it, customer, after buying service and entertain all types of queries.

Comes with a warranty.

Very comfortable and has got good reviews.

Available in many sizes.

The gel is not very good but is kind of ok.

Long-lasting but could be better as per customers.

Sizes are not exact as is been claimed by the brand.

3. Big Rig Trucking Mattress:

The Big Rig mattress is a mattress designed in a way that fits trucks. It is made keeping in mind the work pattern and hours of professional and long-haul drivers. The Big Rig mattress has a high-quality pocket spring construction and a very fine quilted top. This also comes with a 60 days money back policy if comfort is not provided. This brand also provides you with the option to select your firmness. If you want extra firmness you can avail that as well by paying a little extra. The width of this mattress is 36″ and the length is 78-80″ and the thickness is 8.5″. This size usually fits in a cab but sometimes it varies. 

The mattress has a pocketed spring core which conforms according to the user’s body giving him/her immense comfort. This helps in pressure points which help the user to relax. The

quality used for the wires is of A-class. This is not unlike another foam mattress which tends to break. The value for money is also best providing wholesale price. Receiving such a quality mattress at $409 is a great deal of all time. Also, this has a very good shipping policy and claims to give money back if you do not find it comfortable within 60 days of use.


10 years warranty.

High-class material.

A quality shipping facility.

Size is too big for a few cars.

Colors are not attractive.

The money-back-guarantee generally does not work.

4. Road Premier Trucking Mattress:

As the slogan associated with this product is the feel “rest in comfort”. This is a cool product with gel memory foam also associated with a pillow.  This is a unique 8″ deep layered product or mattress. Has fine premium foam with cool gel memory foam for comfort. This mattress claims to give you support where ever you need and is very easy to clean.

The mattress claims to be cool comfort with a plush, luxurious and lofted pillow.  This also evenly distributes body weight throughout the place with a great sleep experience. It also has a liquid gel infused in it which changes according to climate and adds an extra level to the comfort. This mattress also has a great review of its longevity.  This claims to be good and in the proper place after several uses as well. The price of this product is $430- $520.


Has a great shipping process. You need not worry at all after the orders are placed. The product will reach you on time.

Is made up of foam gel. And is an 8”-layer product which adds to its comfort.

Comes with a 12-year warranty which is definitely value for money.

The foaming gel dries up after a few uses.

Has got few negative responses against the gel and few have stated it is not that long-lasting.

The colors are not attractive and also sometimes create a little discomfort in sleeping.

5. Soft Sleeper Trucking Mattress Bed:

This truck mattress is available in plenty of sizes and you can get it according to your wish the price range also varies with size.  It starts from $299.9 and goes up to $699.9. This ite4m is present in the polyester blend and usually comes in the size of 60″ * 80″. It is filled with the innovative design of plush bamboo overfilled with a hypo-allergic alternative. The product also claims 100% money back if you do not like it within 30 days. Each of its pads is filled with 25 oz and gives you an authentic feathery feel without any poking or allergy. The ratings are also very high all above 4.4/5

The product is ultra-soft rayon material. This also helps you cool and compose down. A product that is actually value for money.


Absolutely hypo allergic and will give you a feel of another level. It claims and also is really very comfortable.

Available in a wide variety of sizes.

Gives you a cooling effect when you sleep and helps your nerves relax.

The price is comparably high.

Weight is comparably more than many other products at this range.

Difficult to install. You need to go through several stages to install this item properly.

6. AirBedz Lite (PPI PV203C) Trucking Mattress:

The Airbedz truck bed air mattress is a mattress that is coming with a one-year guarantee from the day of purchase. This also comes with a pumping machine a seam and a valve. This mattress will provide you with a comfortable sleep. It takes the shape of a bed. This mattress also has a cut-out on each of its sides. It will surely be your truck bed. The amazing fact about it is that I come in a wide variety of sizes. The product also has an evenly distributed coil which cools they are. The material is a PVC gauge and it also has leak resistance. It also has a flocked top and provides you with a soft feel. 

Some amazing fea5ure of this product is that it has a portable DC air pump. Also, at 5 feet bed. Very comfortable coil system and also evenly distributed. The reviews of this product are really good and also comes in the must-buy category. The good thing about the product is that it provides you an opportunity to sleep in a bed kind of atmosphere. And this will make you feel at home completely.


The bed-like comfort of this product makes you feel that you are at home.

Comes with a warranty.

At this price range comes with a pump as well which is really good

If there is the slightest leak then the entire product is useless.

Very big for most of the tucks.

The color option for this product is very less.

7. Sable Air Trucking Trucking Mattress:

The eco-friendly PVC top flocking mattress will guide you to a proper bed-like feel. This Air mattress has a feature of I-beam air coil which tends to fit in according to your body shape and size. This also fits according to body posture. The mattress also has a pillow feature where the upper side of this mattress can be used as a pillow to support your head or neck.  

The mattress is made with real care and this can be seen from the fact that the mattress has an extra thick layer of 0.6mm flocked on the top PVC. It is a waterproof mattress and can be used in any climate. It takes only 3 – 5 minutes to take its shape.


Give you a complete bed-like feeling.

Comes with a one-year warranty.

Very comfortable for your body and a must buy at this price.

The after service of this product is not good.

The shipping facility is not to the mark. The product of many customers got damaged while shipping and the company are ready to bear the damage expense.

Remarks like the threads coming out have been also heard. This is the only negative comment that has been heard.

8. Sweet-night Gel Memory Foam Trucking Trucking Mattress:

The type the foam is made up of is foam and the brand is Sweet night. The color variation that is available for the product is a white-grey color.  The four-layer foam mattress claims to solve all your sleep problems with its comfort level. The material is patented memory foam which keeps your body in an aligned position during sleep and fully supports your body. This feature releases the pressure from your body and calms it down. Also, this mattress has a feature that is flappable. You can use both sides. It is made up of gel memory foam and is really soft. The feeling that this particular mattress provided is heaven-like.  

This mattress is a certified foam mattress made with the utmost care and has eliminated all the harmful materials.  It is covered with a thin breathable rayon polyester material which is very comfortable to sleep on.  Also, it comes with a 10 years warranty and shipped with the utmost care. Remarks like the threads coming out have been also heard. This is the only negative comment that has been heard.


Have flappable features.

Comes with a 10 years warranty.

Shipping is very fine and the feel of this Trucking Mattress is extremely calming for the body.

Color availability is less.

The gel is not really comfortable.

The product is not value for money and could be better.

9. Live and Sleep Trucking Mattress:

This Trucking Mattress is of foam construction and belongs to the brand live and sleep. There is only one color combination available to it that is white.  This comes in 2.5” premium airflow memory foam and has over 1″ gel-infused Visco memory foam. Also, it has an 8.5″ high-density support base.  It has a breathable and plush quality short mattress with inexpensive foam in it. This gives a very relaxed and calm feeling when you sleep. This also helps in treating joint pains and pressure areas. 

The top-rated RV memory foam mattress is the choice of over 95% of customers. This reduces tossing and turnings and is really good for the stomach, back and side as well.  This also has the facility of 30 days trial with around 20 years of warranty.  The price of this product is $559. This comes in a wide variety as well. According to size and comfort, the price also varies. The customer ratings with this product are 4.5/5 on average. Be it easy to assemble, durability, sleep quality, comfort, pain relief, or material quality each and every aspect the ratings are quite impressible.


Very easy to assemble.

20 years of warranty available.

Also, it will provide its customers 30 days of the trial sessions.

The quality of the material can be really good.

Pain relief claims are really high from the brand’s point of view which could be better.

Colour options are really less

10. Live and Sleep Classic Trucking Mattress:

The 12-inch small queen mattress has a foam construction to it. It also has a deluxe cushion facility and Visco memory foam on the top of 3” airflow infused convoluted foam. This provides very high-density support to the mattress and an extra thick profile which brings in a luxury expensive touch to it. This mattress is really cool and provides a breathable opportunity with good quality material. This is the best Trucking Mattress for a long day ahead and gives you a deep sound sleep. This is one of the best-rated Trucking Mattresses with amazing memory foam.

The material is flax linen which gives a cloud-like feeling. This Trucking Mattress can also be folded. This is an extra plus point for this mattress as this does not occupy space when not in use. The product is absolutely hypoallergic and eco-friendly product great for box spring. This is very much an adjustable product. Also has got a 30-day trial process just like all other Trucking Mattress. But the price is really cheap for the quality and comfort that it provides. At $499 this product is a very smart and intelligent buy.


Can be folded and kept aside.

Available in a wide variety of sizes.

Very easy to assemble.


Could be better at pain relief at this price.
The durability is under expectation.
Could be more comfortable.

Final Thoughts

These were a few of the best mattress and their review. One when buying a mattress should always look for comfort. This is the main objective of a mattress. If this requires paying one extra penny then that should also be done. The reason behind this theory is you are buying the mattress only once and it turns to be a one-time investment. Also, we hope this article will help you get your bed mattress and will give you a sound happy sleep.