Best Car Battery Charger – The Top 9 Battery Charger of 2020 Reviewed

Best Car Battery Charger: From past to at this point, vehicles are extremely essential to the human lifestyle. As a result, a lot of people wish to invest in vehicles to make sure that they can easily enjoy their everyday lives. Nevertheless, whenever their automobiles are running out of power supply, they might possess difficulties. They might require getting in touch with certain professional services to assist them to fix the problem. This might typically cost these people an awful lot. However, with a Car battery charger, you could get rid of the problems conveniently. You may not have to bother about that since you can easily just utilize the charger to charge your batteries.

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Best Car Battery Charger to Charge your Batteries:

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1. Battery Tender Plus 021-0128 Automotive Battery Charger:

Manufactured by Deltran, Battery Tender Plus 021-0128 is one of the best Car battery chargers available in the market. The Battery Tender Plus offers a variety of features while being compact, reliable and fully automatic. The charging rate of this charger is a bit slow compared to other competitors. It does not possess the risk of overcharging the batteries as the inbuilt chip disconnect automatically when the battery is fully charged or after 72 hours(Safety Feature).

Battery Tender Plus 021-0128 charger can also be used by people with no experience due to the Complete 4-step charging program. This charger has an impressive build quality. It comes with a quick connect ring terminal harness which is useful for hard to reach places in the vehicle. On The Safety Side, It has a Reverse Polarity option which ensures if the cable is connected properly. The green and red LEDs are also helpful to ensure an internal problem and user safety.

  • Suitable for lead-acid battery or flooded batteries
  • Easy to user
  • 10 years warranty
  • Low Price
  • no fast charging

2. NOCO Genius G3500 6V/12V 3.5 Amp Automotive Battery Charger:

The Genius G3500 Battery Charger From NOCO is a great product to charge most lithium and lead-acid 6V & 12V batteries. It can even bring dead batteries back to life. It’s Rapid Charge Technology charges batteries two times faster than most of its competitors as claimed by the NOCO. It has an 8 Switch-Modes which can be changed using the mode switch depending on the Task. It has a special feature called ‘Float Mode ‘ which prevents the battery from getting overcharged. This Car Battery Charger also has a Reverse Polarity option protecting the battery when the clips are wrongly connected Apart from being Lightweight and Portable,  it even is waterproof and dust-proof for rough usage with a 5-year warranty.

  • Durable and Easy to Maintain
  • Fast Charging
  • Has Charging level Indicators
  • more suitable for lead-acid and lithium-ion
  • Warranty Issues
  • Fixed and short cord

3. Foval Automatic Trickle Automotive Battery Charger:

If you need a trickle Charger then this Foval Automatic Trickle Car battery charger is the best one to buy if you want to charge any 12 V battery. It is easy to use, Portable and fully automatic. It cost less than most of its competitors and is very useful in maintaining your battery for a longer period of time. As per the cost, the downside is that it only has an output of 1 Amp which makes it good for maintenance but has slow charging rate.

While Charging, it uses a 4-step process(initialization phase, the bulk charge, absorption mode and float mode) until your battery is fully charged. Just Like the other products in the list, this charger also guards against reverse polarity. It is spark-proof too as the Connectors are made up of lead. It has LED indicator lights to display charging levels and diagnostic information while the battery is in maintenance mode. It’s 8.53 feet cable ensure that you can reach the power socket. Costing less than $20, this trickle charge is a great product to charge batteries.

  • It is Portable to carry and easy to use
  • It is cheap.
  • 4-step automatic process.
  • Spark-proof lead connectors
  • No carrying case
  • Cannot charge dead batteries
  • Low output

4. MOTOPOWER MP00205A Automotive Battery Charger:

MOTOPOWER MP00205A is one of the best Fully Automatic chargers to charge 12V batteries of motorcycles, RV’s, Power & tools, Children Toys Batteries. It Is Smart &  compact Product to buy.

This Car Battery Charger is fully automatic one where the user does not have to perform any actions manually, Just plug in the battery, connect the terminals to the battery and the charger will take care of maintaining and charging. Its has charging features like reverse polarity protection, overcharge and fuse protection to prevent Short circuit, It processes an important function like Constant Pulse Current Maintenance function Which protects the battery from getting overcharged or getting a discharge.

This charger has SAE Quick Release Adapters which are easy to connect to the batteries. It has only one LED which displays different modes compared to other products which have several LED Indicator for different purposes. The Company also claims to provide hassle-free return and refund in-case of any manufacturing defects. This charger is of international standards certified by CE, RoHS, UL, and CEC. The Build Quality is very good and also the performance is great considering the low price point,

  • Affordable. Value for money
  • Easy to the user, even for Beginners
  • Single LED indicator for every mode
  • Slow due to 0.8 Amp of Output
  • Effortless installation
  • Hassle-free activation
  • Easy to use
  • Easy fleet management
  • Timely notification
  • Average design
  • Works with cellular networks only in the US
  • Prone to performance lag

5. CTEK MULTI US 7002  (56-353) 12-Volt Battery Charger:

The CTEK MULTI US 7002 Car Battery Charger is the best primary switch mode battery charger for charging your 12V lead-acid batteries today. You don’t need to be professional to use this charger, Even People with no prior knowledge or experience can use it easily, thanks to the 8-step automatic charging cycle with float pulse/maintenance. The 8-step automatic charging modes contain desulfation functionality for reconditioning sulfated batteries. This charger can even recharge batteries that haven’t been used for a long period of time. No Matter what the Climate is outside, this charger is durable, water-resistant(IP65 Certified), and dust resistant.

This charger also has reverse polarity protection, so the battery does not get damaged even if the connectors are wrongly connected. The CTEK charger is designed specifically keeping user safety in mind. It is spark-proof and voltage proof so that the circuits don’t get fried. With being Lightweight and compact, this charger has the best Power-Weight Ratio. This charge is quite fast compared to some of the chargers in this list. The company also give 5-years warranty covering all manufacturing defects and circuit defects.

  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Fast Charging
  • Suitable for every climate condition
  • costly compared to others
  • Low-quality connector clips

6. Optima Digital 400 Maintainer and Battery Charger:

Optima Digital 400 is by far the best Car Battery Charger in the list to charge car batteries, motorcycle batteries, or marine batteries. With the dimension of only 4 by 8 inches, this is one hell of a compact charger. With its battery health mode, it detects the battery’s condition and outputs the expected amount of charge. This is helpful as it automatically maintains the battery’s optimal performance by preventing overcharge giving it a long and healthy lifespan.

It Features Hybrid LED battery charging gauge with LCD display which tells you important things like, what is going on and what is the charge or condition of the battery and so on.

The working is so simple that you just have to connect the battery and that’s it, the six modes will automatically detect the further process and then charge, condition and maintain the battery accordingly It even has a dual-purpose stand with which you can hook it anywhere

For Safety, this charger also has spark-free connectors, reverse polarity protection, and over-temperature protection. Interchangeable battery clamps and ring terminals are also provided in the box. With the price tag of under $100 and max power output of 4Amp, you might want to consider buying Optima Digital 400 battery charger

  • Compact Design and Easy to use
  • Dual-purpose hook and tilt stand design
  • The LCD display is too small
  • Pricer than other products in the list

7. LST Trickle Car Battery Charger:

LST Trickle Car Battery Charger is great trickle charge to buy consider it’s form factor. It is lightweight and has a compact design. This trickle charger is an ideal charger to charge motorcycles batteries, car batteries, automobile batteries, and other batteries such as riding lawn mowers, lawn tractors, ATVs, RVs, watercraft, power sport, scooters, snowmobiles, cars, campers, trolling motor, boats, etc. It has a Mode switch, which can be used to switch between 6V or 12V output as per needed. It features 4 charging modes such as Desulfation, Bulk Charge, Absorption and float. This is mode is really helpful when the battery is fully charged as the Microprocessor Unit (MCU) automatically switches to float mode when the battery is fully charged which is effective to maintain the performance of the battery and increase its lifespan.

It also Provides Protection against Reverse Polarity which is really helpful if the connectors are wrongly connected. It makes sure that the battery doesn’t Over Charge/Discharge or sometimes Overload or Overheat. The Connector is Spark proof against lead. This charger can also be used to charge bigger capacity batteries, it will take longer. Like Other chargers, it also is waterproof and dustproof trickle charger

  • Affordable
  • High-quality Case
  • No carrying case
  • Confusing Led indicators

8. BMK Smart Car Battery Charger & Portable Battery Maintainer: 

Make all Your Battery Troubles go away with BMK Smart Car Battery Charger at a Cheaper price. It is Lightweight, Easy to use the charger and Low Power Consuming. This charger can Charge, Maintain, and Recover batteries better than most of the chargers. It can Charge Automotive Batteries, Motorcycle Batteries, Toy Batteries, RV, Marine, Children Toys, etc. This Charger is waterproof (IP65 Certified), Dustproof and Corrosion Resistant.

For Safety, it also has reverse polarity protection which protects the battery even when you connect the terminals incorrectly, It also has Over Charge/Discharge Protection making sure that the battery delivers excellent performance for a longer period of time. It has 4 stages Smart Charging process  – Diagnostic, Bulk charge, Absorption and Maintain. This charger has 4 easy to read Led Indicators Which displays the following charging level – 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%. BMK Offer a lifetime of quality warranty with this smart battery charger. BMK ensures that this Charger Complies with the highest energy-saving standards. The Constant 5 AMP DC output Charges your battery fast enough than any other charger in this price tag. Battery Clamps and Ring Terminals are also provided in the box for Easy Connections.

  • Easy to Understand LED indicators
  • Lightweight, waterproof, Dustproof.
  • Gets Warm when Charging Heavy Batteries
  • Heavier than its Competitors at this price point

9. Clore Automotive PL2320 6/12V Car Battery Charger:

Clore Automotive PL2320 6/12V Battery Charger is another great charger that can help you complete your battery needs. This charger can be really helpful to charge any kind of battery.  It is a fully automatic battery charger and can charge and diagnose multiple battery Types. This charger comes with an advanced MCU that provides a fully automatic charging routine which charges the battery faster and maintains batteries for optimal usage and longer life span. The PL2320 comes with an Advanced multi-phase charging process.

This charger also has Reverse Polarity Protection unlike any other car battery chargers in this list. It can also detect fault using Battery Fault Detection Technology. One of the Great features of this charger is it’s Cord Management, You can just wind up the battery cords easily and store it in the case itself and that’s it, no cable management problem. It is light, portable to carry and charges battery faster than the others and also has a 1-year warranty.

  • Light and portable
  • Fully automatic charging routine
  • Fast charging
  • Bad Warranty Service
  • Short Life span
  • overheating

How To charge your vehicle’s battery?

Usually, there are two ways by which you can charge your Motorcycle or Car’s Battery, by using an external Car battery charger or by using alternator, which is a major element of the electrical system of your automotive. When the vehicle is running, the alternator charges the battery when no electricals are being used or little power is being used.

The alternator converts the mechanical energy produced into electrical energy which results in charging the car battery. Besides from charging the battery, the alternator also provides power to other electrical instruments of the vehicle when it isn’t charging the battery,  However, When the battery dies, it’s best to charge it with an external automotive battery charger.

What to Look For in Car Battery Charger?

While Looking for Automotive battery charger, we need to consider some factors in order to get the desired results. For instance, you cannot use a charger with low power output to charge big batteries. This is where these factors play an important role.

You can choose a car battery charger according to your desired outcome. Some motorists require a charger to keep their classic car or motorcycle battery charged throughout the offseason. If this your case, you can use a low current charger. If you want to restore the power quickly, you can take advantage of a powerful and fast charger.

  1. Power Outcome: You should always select a car battery charger, the whose desired outcome will be efficient enough to charge your car or motorcycle battery. Many times people intend to keep their vehicle’s battery charge even when they don’t use it. For this, Purchasing a Smart Battery Charger for personal use is profitable. But sometimes you may need a charger that can quickly charge big batteries also.
  2. Battery Type:  Mostly every Vehicle batteries are lead-acid batteries, but that’s not it. Even in Lead-Acid Batteries, there are different types such as maintenance-free, Wet Cell, Gel Cell, Absorbed Glass Mat(AGM), or Valve-Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA). You just need to know which type of battery you have and find the right charger accordingly.
  3. Battery Size: Hereby size, we are not talking about the physical size of the battery. We are talking about the amount of power a battery can store in it. To determine the time required to charge a battery obtain the amp input of the batteries and then divide by the charger output (amps) after which add on around 10% for the additional time to entirely charge of the battery. For people, who want to quickly charge their batteries, Look out for charger with higher output (Amps). Just make sure you select a smart Battery Charger that is powerful enough to charge your vehicle’s battery efficiently.

Important Car Battery Charger Features

While many manufacturers claim to provide the best features like safety, fast charging, longevity, and remarkable performance figures. There are some things you need to make sure by yourself before you get a battery charger. Listed below are some important features that should look for before buying Battery Charger nowadays.

1. Ease of Use: The Main Purpose of today’s Battery Charger should be how easy it is to use for a complete beginner as not everyone today has the time. It may be easy for a mechanic to use but for a complete newbie, it can be a difficult task. It should come with a clear set of instructions manuals. Nowadays there are fully automatic chargers available in the market which automatically detect the battery type, voltage, etc, that can be helpful and make sure that the battery doesn’t get damaged or overcharged when a new person uses them.

2. Portability: Portability is a major factor to consider while buying a Car battery charger. The Device needs to be Compact and lightweight. This Doesn’t mean that you have to cut down on the other advanced features it has. Some of the smart Battery Chargers in the list above consist of advance features while being portable. The device should have a Convenient Cord & Clamp Management, Cords Long Enough to reach difficult areas

3. Charging Rate: Battery Chargers comes with various charging rates. Today most of the battery chargers come with multiple outputs charging rates which can be helpful in charging small and large capacity batteries. If you need fast charging rate, consider buying a charger with a high amp output rate other chargers with slow charging rate are also a good choice. Always Check for the input and output rates of both the battery and the battery charger before buying

4. Reverse Polarity Protection: This is a feature every charger must-have. During Charging or Maintenance, there is a chance that we connect the wires to the wrong terminals, which can result in dead battery or sometimes even an explosion. The reverse polarity protection is really helpful in this situation. Reverse polarity protection keeps the battery from getting damaged if you mistakenly connect the terminals wrongly.

5. Spark-proof Clamps: As a matter of fact how careful we are, there is always a chance of something going wrong. Although Always check the Clamps for any damage or corrosion before use. Batteries and chargers can get ruined by the sparks and may even cause a fire. So it is always recommended to buy Car battery Chargers with Spark-proof Clamps.

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